Green Items You Can Add to Any Property

by RainF 13. May 2014 04:49

So we’ve talked about how steel buildings are a smart choice for a building when you’re thinking about reducing your environmental impact. Water conservation, reducing energy consumption and reusable building materials all play into qualifications of a Green Building. We wanted to share a few ideas on how you can make your home and steel building addition more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Rainwater Collection System

Conserving and recycling rainwater for applications in the future is one of the core qualifications of being considered green. It falls under the utilization of resources and sustainability, collection of rainwater can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your building. The average roof can collect around 500-700 gallons of water for every inch of rainfall. That adds up to a considerable amount of water for your home!

Rain collection barrelsThe water from the collection systems can be used for gardening, laundry or even drinking (with the right water filter). Using what Mother Nature sends your way will help reduce your impact on the environment since you’re less dependent on piping water to your home from water utilities.

Adding a steel gutter to your home or steel building addition is the first step to collecting your rainwater. You’ll want to funnel the rainwater through a downspout at the end points of each gutter; from there the downspout should funnel your water into a clean water barrel. This green system is not too complicated to set up; our staff says a DIY-er can get it done during the course of a weekend. However, we suggest calling a professional to install this system to ensure it will function properly. We’ve included a helpful guide for DIY-ers who want to recreate this system – Rainwater Collection System.

Solar Panels

Modern solar panels and batteries are more efficient than ever, having the ability to power a household from the sun alone. This is great because solar power doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, unlike the turbine generated power plants that are connected to the grid. In addition, having your energy needs sustained through solar power, you can save thousands of dollars on your electric bill over the lifetime of your property and help reduce the load on the power grid.

Solar PanelsOne challenge that stops people from adopting solar is the upfront cost of installing it. Usually, the typical solar system install will cost in-between $30,000 to $50,000, if done professionally. While this price tag is a barrier for people, state and federal tax rebates are rewarded to people who install these systems. In most cases half of the cost is covered by the rebates and looking long-term for your property, the energy savings will more than cover the upfront cost and you’ll be less of a burden on the environment.

Interested in solar energy for your home? Read this complete guide to installing a solar panel system for your home.

Build With Sustainable Materials

Building with sustainable materials helps reduce the environmental impact you have for your property. There are numerous sustainable building materials in the market today; however, structural steel has been the leader in sustainable building materials. Since steel can be melted down and recycled over and over again, there is an 88% recycled content with each new steel material being produced in the US with a 98% rate of recycling for the steel. This is why steel is such a powerhouse in sustainability.

Steel can be molded to form any shape it needs to construct a building; this makes it extremely versatile for any building application. Homes and property additions built with steel will have the benefit of lasting a long time with little or no structural integrity loss over the life of your property. Since steel has the highest strength to weight ratios compared to other standard building materials.

ProBuilt Steel Buildings has more than a decade providing custom metal buildings for individuals and we’ve seen the benefits it has provided for all our customers. Check out our steel buildings and find one that is perfect for your home!

These green building items will help you become more sustainable and help leave more resources for future generations to come. Thinking forward will help us keep moving forward. 

Photo Credit: Chiot's Run& joncallasvia Compfight cc
Post Written by Rainier Fuclan