Spring Cleaning For Your Storage Shed

by RainF 11. March 2014 04:09

Steel Storage Building
When People think of spring, they think of the snow melting, warmer weather and cleaning! Yes, that's right cleaning. It's the perfect opportunity to give your home a fresh feeling that only a good cleaning can accomplish. While your home is the main focus during spring cleaning, people often neglect their storage shed and garages. These buildings are part of your home too and they need some attention as well! A clean and organized storage shed or garage will make your life easier because you’ll be able to store and find things easier because it won’t be cluttered with all your junk. 

Take Everything Out

Messy Storage
If your garage or shed looks like the picture above, then you’ll want to clear it out in order to get everything cleaned and throw out unnecessary junk from your storage collection. Even if your storage shed isn’t a tornado disaster, we recommend you take everything out and evaluate if you really need that stack of old newspapers from five years ago.

Deep Clean

Deep Cleaning In Process Sign
You should have everything out of your shed, this gives you the best opportunity deep clean your storage building. It’s best to sweep up any dirt or debris on the floor first as a good starting point for your deep clean. Next, you should clean any windows, if any and wipe off the dust on shelving in shed. At this point, having a power washer would be nice to use on the floors and exterior of the building to remove hard stains. Be careful to check if your building can take the force of the power washer. The last thing you want is to blast holes right through your floor. Once your building is scrubbed or power washed, make sure you let it air dry completely to prevent growth of dangerous mold. We recommend you have a fan run inside your building or place a moisture collection bag to speed up the drying process.

Organize Items

Organized Tools
With a clean storage shed, you’re ready to organize all the items you took out in a manageable and orderly fashion. Some people might say why bother organizing items in your storage shed. Well if Tetris has taught us anything, you get more space from an area that is organized; instead of throwing it all into your shed and closing the door.

We recommend buying shelving and labels so it’s easy to store, find and use all the space of your shed. Hanging garden tools on the wall; such as rakes, shovels and hoses will make it easy for you to access and find those tools. It’s best to organize your smaller items first and section off an area that will be easy for you to access big items, like a lawn mower or wheelbarrow.

We hope these cleaning tips will help you keep you organized for the rest of the year!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan
Photo Credits: Ruin Raider, inf3ktion, mtneer_man via Compfight cc


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