Who Are The Four Presidents of Mount Rushmore?

by RainF 17. February 2014 04:18

Mount Rushmore
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Presidents Day is a day to honor the office of Presidency. The photo shown above is of the majestic Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota. The four presidents chosen to be immortalized in granite are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. These four U.S. Presidents capture the greatness of America at a time of its infancy and rapid expansion. Without their leadership we might have seen a different America.

At ProBuilt Steel Buildings, we would like to recognize these four great individuals for their achievements and showcase their unique hobbies or traits.

George Washington
George WashingtonWashington led the American colonist during the time of the American Revolution, which we were fighting the British for independence. He later became the first president of the newly independent country which we call America. These were all great feats, but Washington wished for a more peaceful life of farming and hunting, as these were his two favorite hobbies mentioned by scholars. However, Washington stepped up and led the American Revolution to gain freedom and rights for all of the citizens.

His role in the independence of America and the founding of the democratic government system in America gives him the rightful spot on Mount Rushmore.

Thomas Jefferson 

Thomas JeffersonJefferson is the 3rd President of the United States and he was the main author of the Declaration of Independence. His role in drafting the Declaration of Independence was instrumental in denouncing Britain and having the original thirteen colonies become an independent nation. When he became President his biggest contribution was purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, which was known as the Louisiana Purchase. This deal essentially doubled the size of America at the time and remove France’s presence near the nation. This purchase also helped protect the trade routes we had in New Orleans and across the Mississippi River.

In addition from being a writer and brilliant leader, Jefferson was a noted architect and inventor. The style called Neo-Palladian became popularized in the states based on Jefferson’s interest in that architecture form. His love of architecture can be seen from his estate in Charlottesville, Virginia called Monticello.

We wonder what Jefferson would feel about using steel buildings in his Neo-Palladian designs; we think it might have been a good touch and add strength to his designs.

Jefferson’s passionate interests and brilliant leadership carved him a rightful spot on Mount Rushmore.

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt 
Theodore (Teddy) RooseveltRoosevelt was America’s 26th president and during his leadership helped expand the economy of the nation at the turn of the 20th century. His most notable accomplishments was the creation of the Panama Canal that linked the East and West for a more efficient trade route and his role in helping break up monopolies of major corporations and see the rights of the working class be brought up.

In addition, his most famous slogan was “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” which was used to show off America’s advance naval fleet at the time and to curve threats of war. Accomplished during his time as President, you probably would never have thought he could be President if you met him as a child.

As a child Teddy was a weak and sick boy who had a hard time growing up. In order to overcome his shortcomings Teddy spent his time training and trying to improve his health through exercise and activity. He also understood the importance of exercising his mind and he spent the remaining free time he had diving in to books and learning. This was very beneficial for him as it improved his health and made him a more educated individual, both needed to be a great leader.

Teddy’s role on America’s economic expansion and political policies secured his spot among the great leaders on Mount Rushmore.

Abraham Lincoln 
Abe LincolnLincoln is our nation’s 16th President and has probably undergone the most troubling time as President of America. This is because he tried to keep a nation together while in the debate about abolishing slavery. This ultimately led to the American Civil War, which was fought between the North and South. The key component of that war was the South wanted slavery and the North wanted to abolish slavery throughout the nation. Lincoln’s leadership throughout this war and his Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves makes him one of the most popular Presidents in America.

As a man of great power you would think his hobbies would be hunting or riding, but actually Lincoln enjoyed reading Shakespeare and attending the theater.

These four Presidents portrait the greatest leaders this nation has had. While it’s unlikely we’ll be adding more faces to Mount Rushmore, we want to know who your favorite President is and why. Leave a short comment below!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan


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