Storage Solutions For Homeowners - Buying Vs. Renting

by RainF 11. December 2014 08:19

Most homeowners feel like they could use a little extra storage space. The popularity of television shows like Hoarders demonstrates a general fear of clutter and the disastrous results when things get out of control. If you are anything like us, watching these shows immediately spurs us to go organize something. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to store the mile of Christmas lights you just put up on your house, or your old ski equipment that you are sure you will use again some day? A dedicated storage area would not only mean less clutter in your house, but better overall organization and most importantly, more living space.

Cluttered Home

One popular solution to the clutter problem is renting an offsite storage unit. Unfortunately, it also comes at a significant monthly cost. To rent a 10’ x 20’ unit for all of your prized possessions, you could spend as much as $150 to $250 every month. In addition, an offsite storage unit is, by definition, not on your property. This means that every time you want to transfer something you must pack up and load all of your items into a vehicle, drive to the nearest storage facility, and unload all of your items, all during the facility’s operating hours. And unless you have a giant truck or trailer, this could mean multiple trips.

The value of an offsite storage unit is further diminished when you think about how motivated you might be to drive to your unit, just to pull out one or two items. The inconvenience, paired with the old saying “out of sight, out of mind,” might mean your items go completely unused. The sad truth is, by trying to avoid a hoarders scenario, you are just storing more and more stuff without being able to easily utilize it. The solution is simple, convenient, cost-effective and increases your property value: a customized storage unit in your own yard.

The idea of building a storage building instead of renting an off site unit can be a little daunting at first, but if you have the space it can turn out to be a great investment. The main reason that many homeowners opt for renting an offsite storage unit rather than building one on their property is the upfront cost. $250 vs a couple thousand seems like a no-brainer, but as those monthly bills keep coming, it will quickly become clear that long-term you will spend a ridiculous amount more for that rental unit. For those who have convinced themselves that they will only need a storage unit for a short amount of time, it is highly unlikely that you will ever want to go back to a cluttered home again and purging hard earned items is much easier said then done.

Best of all, backyard storage buildings are super convenient. Unlike a rental, you wont have to drive anywhere. All of your items are only steps away, giving you easy access to anything and everything. With that level of convenience, maybe you will actually go on that ski trip this year. A backyard storage building is the ideal solution to your storage needs, providing storage for life, while saving you an incredible amount of time and money.