What is Red Iron Steel?

by RainF 18. November 2014 07:28

Red iron steel or structural steel is one of most used steel types for buildings around the world. The most common shape is the I-Beam style (shown below) that provides incredible strength and durability making it ideal for long lasting structures with wide-open spaces.

Red Iron Steel Frame Building

These are the top characteristics that make red iron steel popular in the construction industry:

Rust Resistant

Red iron steel is made to resist rusting over the life of its usefulness. This is accomplished by coating the steel with iron oxide to create a barrier that prevents water from having contact with the steel. Adding iron oxide also gives the steel its unique red color, hence red iron steel.

Fire Resistant

Unlike wooden structured buildings, steel is naturally fire resistant as the material is non-combustible. This is important when you’re concerned about storing volatile items. The decreased fire risk could also help reduce your insurance costs.

Termite Resistant

Red iron steel is championed as one of the best building materials for standing the test of time. One of the major factors is its ability to resist decay and insects. Termites are one of the main enemies of any wooden structure, forming colonies in the wood that eat away at the structure until it literally falls apart. With steel, termites and other bugs are of no concern.

Green Building Material

Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. This is because almost all steel contains recycled materials. It can constantly be recycled over and over to produce the same high quality steel used in construction.

Wide-open Spaces

The strength of steel is immediately evident when you step inside our buildings. You’ll notice wide-open spaces with no load bearing pillars or supports. This is because steel has a high tensile strength and can support the load of a building from just the frame. This provides excellent building utility for anything from storing farm equipment to an airplane hanger.

Red Iron Steel

At Probuilt Steel Buildings, we have both red iron and tubular steel structures on our lot. Both are high quality and durable building materials for any steel structure. The biggest difference is scalability. Tubular steel is ideal for smaller structures as it’s modular and lighter weight. While a great material, the use of red iron for larger structures will help reduce costs while maintaining the same strength and quality of tubular steel since you’ll be using less materials overall.

Barns, industrial storage buildings and aircraft hangers are the typical choice, however, you can make any building with red iron steel. If you want to create a custom building with red iron steel, give us a call or send us a message. We want to help customize your next steel building!


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