Steel Hunting Cabins Double as Zombie Refuge

by chelseab 28. October 2014 12:34

The world is in turmoil. The dead have risen, and are hungry for human flesh. No one knows how, know one knows why, but zombies now walk among us. The cities are overrun, and nowhere seems safe. You then realize you know of a place that is in a secluded area, a place the dead cannot breach, a place near food and water. That place is your steel hunting cabin.

Zombies in the Woods

Far from populated areas, these buildings offer a secure refuge from the zombie horde. Since they are already used for hunting trips, you can be confident that natural food sources are nearby. You can also rest easy knowing that neither wild animals nor looters will be able to take your valuable supplies. And because you are well prepared, your cabin is stocked!

When it comes to low maintenance, zombie-proof structures, steel is ideal. Fire-resistant, insect-proof and featuring a 20-year rust free warranty, steel structures provide peace of mind in an otherwise catastrophic time. If you don’t already own a steel hunting cabin and want to be uber-prepared, customize one with no windows and multiple reinforced steel doors. The doors, which can be outfitted with five point locking mechanisms, allow for multiple quick escape routes. If you do find yourself in a situation where your steel structure has become completely surrounded, don’t panic! These buildings are practically impenetrable by zombies, giving you time to safely wait it out. Zombies are easily distracted and will move on to other prey in no time.

Looking Down Gun Scope in Forest

Hunting cabins are ideal during apocalypse scenarios because they are often fully stocked with all types of weaponry, ammunition, tools and supplies. A seasoned hunter will surely have accumulated a variety of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, knives, and maybe even a crossbow. If Daryl from the Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that taking down a zombie with a crossbow is completely badass. In addition to weapons, make sure your cabin is always ready with stocks of nonperishable food, water, bedding, battery-operated radios, self-powered flashlights, sanitation & first aid supplies, a change of clothes and at least one detailed map. If you have ever stayed a few nights in your hunting cabin, it probably already has most of these items.

In ground booby trap

For those of you looking to take your zombie preparedness to the next level, add an additional room to your hunting cabin for advanced defenses like bear traps, large spikes, or trip mines. When it comes to a zombie-filled future, no one can be too prepared. And if that zombie apocalypse never comes to be, your survival structure is equally suited to escape teenaged daughters, work deadlines or tax season.

Happy Halloween!



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