5 National Parks To Check Out - Summer Edition

by RainF 21. July 2014 04:27

Summer is halfway through its course in the states. That means there’s not much time left to vacation with the family before the kids need to head back to school. If you have an RV that’s been neglected under your RV cover, then you should do a quick check of it and get the family together for one last road trip of the summer to see some of the best national parks in America.
National Parks PosterWe’ve listed some of our favorite national parks to visit and wanted to share them with you!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Smoky Mountains Photo

The Great Smoky Mountains are along the Tennessee and North Carolina border. It was designated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940 in our park system. Since its inception it has been noted as the most visited national park in the US and rightfully so with the majestic views and the abundance of hiking trails and fly fishing activities throughout the park.

Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Photo

The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona became official in 1919 and is one of the most world renowned landmarks in America. It’s been listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You will love the breathtaking sights and the feeling of a millions years of history that the Colorado River took to carve out this masterpiece.

There’s a few small towns created around the Grand Canyon that provide lodging and activities for the whole family to get the full canyon experience.

Mount Rainier National Park
Mt. Rainier Photo

Mount Rainier National Park became the 5th national park in the US in 1899. This is a great national park in the Washington state for all times of the season. It’s great during the summer when the lower elevation of the mountain is green and vibrant with life. As you start to ascend to the top, you can view the wonder of snow and glacier peaks; a popular mountain climbing destination for daring families, perfect for thrill seekers.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite Photo

Yosemite spans across much of the Central California area. It was established in 1890 and has since attracted numerous visitors, estimated over 3.7 million people each year to date. The Yosemite Valley is where most people are attracted to since much of the park itself is declared a wilderness and as such is extremely dangerous to venture off to without trained park guides.

With the entire wilderness there are many unique sights to see for the family from huge sequoia trees, the famous granite cliffs and animals in their natural habitats.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Park Photo

Yellowstone is located in Wyoming and extends into Montana and Idaho. It is considered to be the first national park in the US, which President Ulysses S. Grant signed in 1872. The most famous feature of the park is the geothermal geysers, such as Old Faithful.
Old Faithful Photo - Yellowstone

There’s a ton of activities for the family to keep them preoccupied as they venture off into the park. From fly fishing, hiking, camping and sightseeing; you’ll have days of items to jump around to.

Many of these national parks are accommodating to RVs and motorhomes. If you’re chose to fly to these locations, then don’t worry as they have lodging nearby many of these parks so you’re always ready to explore the amazing sights.

Post Written by Rainier Fuclan
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