Keeping Your Home Clean for All Seasons

by RainF 14. July 2014 04:19

As homeowners, we try to keep it presentable in case we have to host someone in the home for the evening. If you don’t schedule yourself to a cleaning cycle, you might end up dealing with a home that will become a hassle to clean up when you need it to be clean.

Instead of focusing on one major cleaning cycle; we found that breaking it down into each change of season has helped lessen the task over time and kept the home in great shape.

Cleaning in Progress

Spring Cleaning

It’s ideal if you can start your cleaning schedule around spring; however, it isn’t a game breaker. Spring is a great time to clean because the weather is starting to become better and it gives you a chance to open up the home and get some fresh air inside.

With the nice weather you can take all your items and toys out of storage and give them a quick cleaning as leaving items in storage for an extended time tends to accumulate dust and cobwebs. Once you’ve cleaned and organized your items to where you want them, you should clean out those storage areas. Just because they’re used to keep your items doesn’t mean you can neglect doing a quick cleaning. If you have a steel storage building or shed you could power wash any of the debris that collected inside and outside of the unit and with the great weather you can let Mother Nature air out and dry it for you.

Added to that, since you have that power washer handy, spraying the outside of your house to remove all the dirt or grime that may have collected on your siding and windows would be a quick way to clean the outside of your home.

Let’s focus on the interior now; vacuuming the carpet, cleaning your windows, dusting, a deep cleaning of your bathrooms and kitchen are the focal point here. Make sure you also remember to replace the air filter in your home air system, it’s good to do this every 3-4 months to keep your system functioning at top performance.

Lastly, do an inspection of items in the house that might have been damaged during the cold season, if you spot anything wrong, replace or repair it. Don’t wait till it’s too late to do anything.

Summer Cleaning                                                 

Summer cleaning is pretty easy; it’s more or less just maintaining what you did in the spring season. The big thing to do is do a quick cleaning of your fridge and freezer. Discard anything that has been left in there for far too long. Added to that, go around the kitchen and home and see if there’s any bug or pest infestation. Summer is notorious for bugs around and inside the home, you’ll want to ensure you prevent or stop it before it gets out of control.

Finally, summer time is usually grilling time; make sure you keep your grill and area you’re grilling at clean by scrubbing away any of the charcoal or food drippings away.

Fall Cleaning

The weather is starting to cool off again and this is a signal that you should start moving your spring and summer items in for storage. Added to that, you should also start looking at your doors and windows to see if there are any cracks or air escaping. If you do find any, it’s recommended you chalk or replace any weather stripping to prevent any escape of air outside. This will help keep your home warm and lower your heating bill come winter time.

You’ll also want to inspect your roof and find any damaged or missing shingles, if you find a few shingles that have problems then the local hardware store can help set you up to fix it yourself. However, if you don’t feel comfortable or the damage on your roof is a lot bigger than anticipated, then you should call a roofer to handle the repairs. It would be cheaper to do this then have your roof collapse around winter time when there’s snow and ice built up.

You’ll also want to clean out your gutters once all the leaves have fallen off trees. Blocked gutters are the number one reason for damage on your roof and gutter system.

Finally, call a furnace technician to inspect your furnace to ensure it will be functional and working comes winter time.

Winter Cleaning

This is more or less; keep up with general cleaning inside the home since it’s the holiday season, which means a lot of traffic from guest and more wear around your carpet and living areas. In addition, the major thing to keep in mind is snow removal if you live in an area that gets snow. Make sure you have all your snow removal gear like:

  • Snow shovels
  • Scrapers
  • Road salt
  • Warm clothing
  • Gloves
  • Wiper fluid & antifreeze (for the car)

These tips are sure to help keep your home in top shape for years to come.

Post Written by Rainier Fuclan
Photo Credit: inf3ktion Compfight cc


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