5 RV Mods You Would Be Crazy Not To Install!

by RainF 8. July 2014 06:35

While traveling the great open road, there is a guaranteed problem that will come up with your RV. It could range from the A/C unit doesn’t start or the flooring in your RV is starting to look like there was an earthquake and it needs to be patched up.

Some of us at ProBuilt Steel have experienced these heartaches; instead of taking our RVs back to the dealership to fix. We decided there was a cheaper and fun way to upgrade our motorhomes. Given that most of us have a RV cover to work under, no matter what weather or time of day it is. It made tinkering away easy!

Updated RV Interior

Here’s a list of our favorite mods, most of us followed guides at ModMyRV.com:

  1. Replacing interior lights with LEDs – This is our favorite mod because it gives you the flexibility to add different color LEDs to add mood lighting in the RV. But the best benefit of having LEDs lighting is the amount of power you’ll be saving on your batteries. Since LEDs are cool to the touch, you’ll have less heat generated within the RV, which reduces the work load on the A/C units. In addition, LED’s last at least 3 times the expected lifespan of the standard CFL bulbs.

  2. Installing a digital thermostat – Depending on the age of your RV and type, you probably have an analog slider thermostat to control the A/C and heater in the unit. While the analog sliders work, they don’t have the accuracy that digital thermostats provide. There have been times where the temperature is off by 5 degrees and that becomes an annoyance when your whole family is complaining that it’s too hot or cold. This is a quick mod that will help save your fuel, battery power and money in the overall life of your RV.

  3. Upgrade your floors – Laminate hardwood floors have become more affordable than ever and with a variety of options to choose from you can give your RV a nice visual and functional makeover. Laminate floors are great because the ease of clean up when they get dirty and the look of it when installed correctly.

  4. Fishing pole holder – This is a favorite for our fellow fishermen. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone fishing and our fishing poles are everywhere in the closet because they weren’t secured. We found a quick mod that lets you snap the handle of the rod on the wall and keep it in place while driving.

  5. Motion Sensor Light – Installing a motion sensor light on the outside of your RV is an extremely helpful security deterrent when you’re parked in a questionable RV park. It’s also a helpful light source that stays on when you and your family are outside of the RV grilling food or playing games.

These are our favorite mods; maybe you have suggestions or ideas on great RV mods. Comment below and share them with everyone!

Post Written by Rainier Fuclan
Photo Credit: MillenniumLuxuryCoaches Compfight cc

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