Why is Steel a Good Option for Going Green

by RainF 22. April 2014 04:13

Steel is a versatile and strong building material. It’s been used to build our tallest skyscrapers to being the tracks for our railroad system. Over the years, the process of creating steel has been refined and improved upon each time. It has been documented that it now takes 1/3 less energy to create 1 ton of steel. In addition, steel can be recycled time and time again without losing its strength.

ProBuilt Steel Buildings wants to share why having a steel building for your next shed or carport would be an environmentally sound investment.

Less Materials Used

When you compare a steel building with a wooden building you notice it can take a lot more materials to build the same type of structure with wood. This is because you have to add reinforcement areas to wooden structures that you normally wouldn’t with steel structures. Solar Power Steel CarportIn addition, much of the materials from wooden structures are not recyclable, while steel is 100 percent recyclable. This means you’ll be wasting less with a steel build vs. a wooden one.

Energy EfficientSteel wind energy farm

Steel is an excellent conductor of heat and cold. Depending on how you’re going to use your steel building you can let nature regulate the temperature of your structure. People have noticed up to 50% heating and cooling cost savings with their steel buildings.



Steel will last longer than any other standard building material you can think of. This means there’s going to be less fixes for your structures in the future and at the end, you can recycle all the steel to create something new! Longevity and 100 percent recyclable make steel the best sustainable building material out there.

We hope these facts about steel will help you consider it as a material of choice for your next building. As today is Earth Day, conservation and sustainability are important for keeping our planet healthy for future generations.

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Post Written by Rainier Fuclan


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