Are Your Valuables Safe?

by JillJ 14. April 2014 09:49

Protecting your valuables is a priority for all homeowners. Protecting your home includes not only protecting the inside of your home but outside property as well. One key feature to ensure that you protect valuable content like garden machinery – lawn mower, water pumps, generator etc., is the material of your garden shed or storage shed. Steel building offer better protection from outside elements as well as criminal mischief.

Under Lock and Key

Criminals will do almost anything for money, and they’re becoming bolder and more brazen about it. According to an FBI 2012 crime report, victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.7 billion in property losses. Savvy thieves know they can find valuables in sheds and that a large percentage of shed owners do not have a secure lock on their shed giving criminals easy access into their storage unit. Wooden units are extremely easy to break into and vandalize. Mice notoriously dig and gnaw their way into the warmth of a wooden structure such as barns and sheds looking for somewhere warm and dry to hibernate over winter. Thieves can easily use the holes created by mice as a starting ground to break in.

Choose the Right Door

Most steel sheds come with some sort of door locking mechanism but if you intend to store valuable items look for doors with at least a three point, or better still, a five point locking mechanism as these are much harder to break into. Other high security features may include steel lock housings, reinforced doors and door surrounds, reinforced joints and steel floors.

Your steel shed can have sliding doors or regular hinged doors. Some larger units may also have garage style doors. Which style you choose is a matter of personal preference but make sure that the opening is wide enough for you to get larger items in and out easily to prevent damage. If you choose hinged doors you will have to allow enough clearance for the doors to open fully.

Up Against the Elements

Thieves and vandals aren’t the only risk to your valuables; you must also consider Mother Nature and the outside elements. Steel sheds are fire and termite proof with superior resistance to bugs, mildew, mold and fungal growth. Wooden sheds require more maintenance to protect valuables from outdoor elements. Homeowners with wooden sheds are advised to plant at least a meter away from the wooden shed wall to avoid the risk insect infestation and rot. Living in an area with high precipitation will weaken wood’s condition making them susceptible to rotting as well.

Post written by Jill Jones


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