Things To Consider Before You Buy a Steel Building

by RainF 24. March 2014 04:45

A steel building addition to your home is a huge investment. Whether you’re using it for storage or a home business office, you should take some steps to ensure the building you’re purchasing is the right fit for you. Our sales team is always thinking about the customer and we will make sure your buying process is as easy and simple as it can be. For your benefit we documented the top items people should be aware of before they purchase a steel building:

Price & Affordability

Pricing is always in the minds of our customers and it should be in yours as well. It’s important to list out the features you are looking for in a steel building to ensure you’re buying exactly what you need. Each individual is different, which is why we offer custom building designs to fit your budget.


Most people looking to buy a steel building don’t typically have all the cash up front for purchase. Financing is a great way purchase the building you need and pay it off over time. If you’re worried about our steel buildings not lasting for a long time, you shouldn’t. We back our buildings with industry leading 40 year warranty. Steel is meant to last and our buildings will stand the test of time.

We offer affordable financing options to qualified individuals; we also work with numerous banks to ensure you get the lowest rates possible.

Ancillary Items

When people think about buying a steel building, they don’t think about the permitting required, installation/delivery and laws that are associated with buying a steel building. It’s important you make sure account for these items before you make a purchase. At ProBuilt Steel Buildings, we work with you to ensure those ancillary items are taken care of and your steel building is assembled quickly and pain free.

To illustrate our dedication to our customers we recorded one of our builds to show how quick and efficient we can get a building assembled:

This 30’ by 50’ building took just 5 days to build from the ground up. You can see the quality and skill of our staff on this build. It’s important to ensure if you’re purchasing a building that the workers are trained and know what they are doing. A great product can fall apart, if there’s unskilled labor building your project. These were the top concerns we identified you should question when you’re looking for a steel building. We hope these tips will help you on your next purchase.

Post written by Rainier Fuclan


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