Valentine Ideas For The Ron Swanson In Your Life

by RainF 10. February 2014 04:08

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and for the most part it’s really centered on the ladies. With so many Hallmark commercials and advertisements pushing chocolate and flowers to your significant other there really isn’t that much of a focus on gifts or ideas for the man in your life. Especially ones who are the man’s man type, such as our friend Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation. He is portrayed as the type of man who loves red meat, whiskey and a DIY-er in life. This character is a great persona to base what type of Valentine’s Day gift or gesture you can give to the man in your life.

Fishing Trip

Fishing oldest past-times men enjoy. For many it sparks the hunter-gather instinct within and fishing for dinner or sport satisfies that hunger. However, it also can bring memories of bonding time with grandpa and dad. Whatever the reason, fishing is the stereotypical pastime for guys.

Some Valentine’s Day fishing ideas would be to buy him a new fishing pole or send him on a fun weekend fishing trip with the guys. Another idea would be to get him a little fishing shack at home so he can store all his fishing gear and equipment when he’s home, as well as do all the cleaning and preparation of the fish, if he had some luck on the lake. A great fishing shack could be a small steel building that’s extremely easy to clean with just a power washer to hose it down.

Cook an Amazing Steak Dinner

Men are pretty simple to make happy. A home cook steak dinner with his favorite sides will make him fall in love with you all over again. A lot of men associate steak as the Holy Grail of meals at home and to make a proper steak at home is extremely simple. Below is a great video detailing how to make the perfect home cooked steak:

New Tech Gadgets

The CES Convention just ended recently and there were a ton of great tech gadgets and toys that would be perfect for any tech loving guy. If home gadgets and automation is something he loves, then you should take a look at our previous blog post highlighting our favorite gadgets from the show. Men and their love of toys won’t go away, so just embrace it and give them something they would really love.

These were the top three ideas our staff came up with, but we’d like to hear your thoughts. If you have a great Valentine’s Day idea for guys, then comment below!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan


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