Keep Your Garage Organized in the New Year

by JillJ 20. January 2014 05:09

If you’ve already given up on your New Year’s resolution to get organized this year, we’ve got a few tips to re-energize you. While it’s tempting to throw all your clutter into the garage, maintaining a clutter-free space allows you to use your garage for its original purpose – parking your car. We’ve outlined four easy steps to tackle your project.

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Allocate the Time

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to organize your entire garage in one sweep. Allocate chunks of time to make the task less daunting. Even if you only spend 15-20 minutes each day, the time adds up without overwhelming your entire weekend.

Group Like Items

In order to see what you have, group like items together by their purpose. Create piles for sports equipment, tools, seasonal decorations, etc. This will help you quickly identify if you have duplicate items. Do you really need 5 soccer balls or 3 power-washers?

Sort It All Out

Start by cleaning out the existing clutter. Take everything out of the garage and sort it into 4 groups – “Put Away”, “Give Away/Sell”, “Store” and “Trash”. Put all items that need to be moved to other areas of the house or designated areas of the garage in the “Put Away” pile.

Identify items that can be used by others and put them in the “Give Away/Sell” pile. Donate them to local organizations and grab a receipt for tax purposes. Give that old box of Legos to your nephew. Have a yard sale or put items up for auction online.

Seasonal items like holiday ornaments and Halloween decorations go in the “Store” pile. Put all these items in labeled bins and store them away until their needed later in the year. Only store items your family likes and uses. Don’t be tempted to put items in storage area until you find another place for them – that’s how you got in this position in the first place. If you don’t have enough space to store these items and your car in your garage, consider a metal building to store the seasonal items.

Put all damaged items in the “Trash” pile. If you clear out one trash bag per day you’ll have significantly less clutter in your garage within a week or two.

Clutter-free Garage

Maintain – Staying Clutter-Free

Once everything has been put in their designated space, it’s a lot easier to commit to returning them to that place. However, there’s no such thing as clutter-free living. Keep a bin in the garage as a repository for items when you’re short on time. Once that bin is full, it’s time to find a place to put each of those items.

What tactics do you use to keep the clutter to a minimum and maintain an organized garage?



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