Home Gadget Highlights from CES

by RainF 13. January 2014 04:18

The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES) recently concluded and during the three day tradeshow there have been amazing products that can make your life easier at home. Home gadgets were a big portion of the CES event. From Smart light bulbs to Smart appliances there’s great gadgets you can add in your home or newly built custom steel building.

Let’s check out our top home gadget picks from the 2014 CES event:

  • AwoX StriimLIGHTHow can you improve on the light bulb, you may ask? Add a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker to it! This is a brilliant gadget to save space and provide entertainment without much hassle. The AwoX StriimLIGHT uses an energy-saving LED bulb that fits any standard E27 socket.

  • Ivee SleekHow great would it be to wake up and say “lights-on” or “It’s too cold, Ivee, raise the temperature 2 degrees.” Well, you can do that with the Ivee Sleek, a voice-activated assistant that can interact with a majority of the current “smart home” devices on the market. Think of it as the central unit you can voice commands to use all your new home gadgets.

  • August Smart LockKeys are so analog, wouldn’t it be great if you could unlock your home doors with your smartphone? It’s possible with the August Smart Lock. In addition, to being a keyless way to unlock your home. You can provide access to your home from anywhere, if someone in your family has forgotten their keys somewhere. Finally, you have a detailed report of whenever anyone has entered or exited your home through the August Smart Lock.

  • SmartCam HD Security cameras aren’t the latest in home gadgets and security, but Samsung has developed efficient, HD quality home security cams that will give you peace of mind when you’re away from your home and want to monitor your estate.

  • Chef Collection 4-door RefrigeratorSamsung’s latest addition in kitchen appliances are turning their focus on how a chef would use it. While this refrigerator doesn’t sport any voice activation or Wi-Fi connectivity, it doesn’t make it any less “smart” in its own way. Functionality, space and efficiency all play with each other in perfect harmony. Dedicated spaces for wine, soda, marinades, meats and more are all built into this 34 cubic foot beast. With that much space Samsung wanted to ensure freshness was locked when the doors were close. Using their “Triple Cooling System,” this creates optimal temperatures and humidity for anything you throw into it.

These were our picks for the top CES home gadgets that can improve your home or new steel building. Let us know your favorite toys from the CES event!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan



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