Creative Uses For Carports and Steel Buildings

by AmyM 29. May 2013 09:31

When it comes to carports and steel buildings, most people think of using them for traditional purposes, such as protecting their vehicle or offering additional storage. But these buildings aren’t limited to only these functions. In fact, there seems to no shortage of creative ways that homeowners can use the steel buildings. Here are a few examples of ways other homeowners have used carports and steel buildings in original ways.

Animal shelters

Looking for a way to keep pets and livestock cool during the summer months? A large carport could provide them with a great way to beat the heat and harsh sun during the upcoming warm months.

A place to recharge

Thinking of going green? Consider placing solar panels on the top of your carport. While this won’t necessarily change your intended use for the carport, it will give you a way to make use of a steel structure or carport you already have or that you are considering adding to your property.

Outdoor entertaining

Never worry about rain ruining a party again. With a carport, you can create a covered entertainment area that is perfect for providing shade on a warm day or shielding your guests from an occasional shower.

Baseball covers

Want to provide some shade to your favorite little league players? We’ve used steel buildings to cover batting cages at little league parks, and these buildings can also be used to cover the stands to keep parents and fans out of the sun.

(Large) vehicle covers

In addition to covering your household vehicle, our steel buildings have been used as a fully enclosed building for the Jasper County Fire Department.

Covering large equipment

Have a large piece of agriculture equipment you’d like to shield from the elements? We’ve used our steel buildings to cover irrigation motors to keep them protected from the weather.



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