4 Home Improvements to Keep Your Honey Happy

by AmyM 17. April 2013 08:33

Spring weather is here, and with the warmer weather comes a new list of things on your honey-do list. Aside from storing away your winter gear and making room for your spring and summer swag, chances are good your list of chores will be a bit longer than normal over the next few weeks. In addition to an increase in yard work and garden prep, there are a few more things you should accomplish this spring to really make your home spring into the season.

Not sure what else you should be adding to your honey-do list to really wow the missus? Here are a few ideas that are sure to create a happy wife and happy life.

Clean up the attic and garage

One of the first things to tackle on your honey-do list is going to be to pack away all your fall and winter gear and unpack all those spring and summer items you’ve been storing away. After you carefully pack away all your sweaters, coats, and winter gear, you might realize that you’ve accumulated more stuff than you can store.

Instead of cramming your storage bins back into the attic or garage, do a thorough cleanout and invest in some additional storage space. Your wife will love having easy access to all her stowed away goods, and you’ll love not having to make routine trips to the attic to pull down something that was stowed away by accident. Our custom utility buildings are perfect for homeowners who might need a little storage, and you can build a utility building that also features a garage, letting you have a storage area separate from your cars.

Clean the gutters, screens, and windows

Depending on the size of your home, this could be daunting. Start your spring cleaning with something the missus will really appreciate. Plus, the longer you wait, the hotter it will be while you're working. Clean all the leaves and twigs that have accumulated in your gutters over the past few months so when the springtime showers come, the overflow water has a place to drain.

Also use this chance to remove your screens and clean off the grime and buildup that has accumulated over the past year (or longer). Create a cleaning solution with 1 cup ammonia, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 3 cups of water and place it in a spray bottle. Run the screen under warm water, either in your bathtub or with the hose. Spray the screens with the cleaning solution and remove residue with a gentle scrub brush. Rinse once more to remove the cleaning solution.

While your screens are drying, take the time to clean your windows and the grout surrounding the windows. You create an a window cleaning solution at home using ¼ cup vinegar, ½ teaspoon of liquid soap, and 2 cups of water. Combine in a spray bottle and use on your windows.

If you want to save a little time, Windex offers an all-in-one glass cleaning tool that lets you spray on glass cleaner with a hose and clean the windows with an extendable water-activated cleaning pad. The extendable cleaning pad lets you reach up to 11 feet, so you can clean the top of your windows with no ladder required.

Pressure wash exterior surfaces

After months of being covered with leaves, snow, and who knows what else, your driveway and sidewalk could use some extra TLC. Pressure washing your walkway and driveway will not only make your home look fresh for the springtime, but it can also prevent the building of mold and mildew, making these surfaces less slippery. After you finish pressure washing your sidewalks and driveway, take the pressure washer to the backyard and clean off your deck or patio. Having a nice outdoor surface will make it that much more enjoyable when you start to spend your evenings and weekends outdoors.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, that doesn’t mean you can get out of this one so easily. Several retailers like Home Depot offer pressure washer rentals that are perfect if you only need to use them seasonally.

Fix up your gate

If your home has a gate, now is the time to touch up the paint and repair any broken gate pieces. Your family and furry friends will enjoy spending more time outside over the upcoming months, and the last thing you want to worry about is a small child or pet making its way through a broken fence. In addition to safety features, repairing your fence will also make it more visually appealing, which is sure to make your wife happy.


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