Interactive Building Code and Permitting Map

by BurtonH 16. December 2013 08:30

Following building codes and acquiring proper permitting are a necessary part to any construction project big or small. Building codes are in place to assure a baseline of quality for new structures, this assures the safety of anyone using or in proximity to the building. Typically, when planning a construction project you, or the builder, would submit plans to your local permitting office, the permitting office would then give you the approval to begin construction. Depending on the scale of the project, an inspector may come to the construction site to assure all aspects of construction are up-to-code.

Buildings codes are typically handled on a state level, but certain counties within a state may have more specific requirements. For example, a county along the coast might require all windows to be rated for hurricane force winds. It is important to check-in with your local permitting office before starting any construction project.

The map below lists general building codes and permitting information for each state.

**The Information in this map is meant for reference only and is not a substitute for contacting your local permitting office**

The permitting process can be time consuming especially for more complex projects that require a county inspector to visit the site. Thankfully, steel buildings require very little labor and usually don’t need engineering. Probuilt Steel has a wealth of experience in dealing with permitting offices around the country, and they will assist you in accelerating any necessary permitting. If you have questions about the permitting process, or would like more information about adding a steel building to your property please contact us.

Map compiled by Burton Hohman