Making the Most Out of Your Garage This Season

by AmyM 20. November 2013 08:02

Many people who own garages will be quick to tell you: They can quickly become overrun with boxes, old toys, tools and other items meant for outdoor storage. If there’s too much to store in your garage, you can eventually lose room for the most important thing your garage needs to store – your car.

Organized garage, perfect for storage

Before winter hits and you’re forced to park your car out in the cold, go through your garage and identify what you need to throw away and what you plan to keep. (You’d be surprised how much stuff people have sitting unused in their garages.) Then use the following tips to free up space.

Outdoor clothing storage

If your house is overrun with shoes and boots that pile up by the door, turn your doorway into a makeshift mudroom. Attach clothing hooks to the wall by the door so your family can easily hang their jackets there before entering. This will also help you keep snow and rain water in the garage out of your home. Next, install shoe racks so your family can slip their shoes off by the door before they come inside. If you’ll be wearing boots this winter, make sure the shoe racks are tall enough to let you store those away.

Storing screws, bolts, and other small objects

Create under-the-shelf storage (yes, you read right) by affixing jars to your shelves. Screw the jar’s lid to the underside of a wooden shelf, taking care to attach it securely. Fill the jars with screws, nails, bolts or any other small objects that aren’t too heavy. Screw the jar into the lid and voila – you’ve created hanging storage from recycled jars and an existing shelf.

Pegboard storage

A simple pegboard can provide an easy way to store brushes, pliers and other tools that usually occupy valuable shelf space. Make sure you have different types of hooks so you can easily store items like your hammers, mallets and pliers. If you have small tools like art brushes you want to store on the board, drill a hole in the back of a tin can and hang it from a hook. You can use this tin can to hold small screwdrivers or brushes for arts and craft projects. (The larger brushes should have hooks that will allow you to affix them directly to the pegboard.) This post has a pretty amazing pegboard if you want to see an example of pegboard storage at its best.

Additional shelving

The biggest way you’ll be able to create extra space in your garage is to store things vertically or off the ground entirely. This will hopefully allow for you to create enough storage space that your car will fit inside the garage. One way to do this is to create metal shelves high off the ground. Having metal shelves up high will also allow you to create additional storage under the shelving unit, similar to if you lofted a bed.

Use sturdy plastic bins when storing away your precious items so you can ensure they are protected from the elements and you can see them clearly. You don’t want to store your items away and then not know which box to drag down from the top of the shelf, so be sure to label them in a place that is clearly visible. You can also place bike racks under the shelves if space allows so you can store your bikes out of the way. Depending on how high up your shelving is, you can add in shelving to serve as a work bench. 

How do you keep your garage clean? Are there any organization tips you use to keep it tidy throughout the year?

Photo Credit: elliottcable via Compfight cc


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