Why You Should Consider A Steel Hunting Cabin

by BurtonH 14. October 2013 08:32

A hunter walking with his dog towards his hunting cabin
Hunting season is right around the corner in most states, and for many this means spending quality time outdoors during day and camping out in a hunting cabin overnight. These cabins are your home away from home, and it’s important that they have everything you need. When it comes to hunting cabins an old-style log home usually comes to mind, but did you know that steel buildings offer many advantages over these traditional wooden cabins?

Whether you are looking to build your first hunting cabin or wanting to expand your current one, the experts at ProBuilt can help make this hunting season the best one yet. Below are just some of the advantages that a steel building has over wood.


From just about any size to a variety of shapes, steel buildings offer a wide range of customization options to fit all of your hunting needs. Our buildings can be designed with plenty of window and door placements as well as electric hookups to make for a perfect shelter in your favorite hunting ground. If you are interested about turning a steel building into your main living area check out this post for tips on living in a steel building. Steel buildings are easily customizable to allow different structures to be connected together. This is ideal for those looking to expand their current hunting cabin as steel buildings make for perfect mudrooms and storage sheds.


Mudrooms and storage are crucial parts to any proper hunting cabin, and this is where steel buildings truly surpass the competition. When it comes to storage, you would be hard pressed to find a better building material. For many, storage units can go unused for several months at a time, and often become home to bugs and mold. With steel buildings you won’t have termite issues and steel not only resists mold better but it also won’t rot or split like a wood storage unit would. Particularly dry seasons can leave many worried about uncontained fires, but steel buildings are fire resistant. In addition, ProBuilt offers a 20-year rust free warranty on all of their buildings.

You can easily turn any room into a mudroom by dropping off equipment and game, but a true mudroom needs to easily cleaned. Steel buildings can they take whatever you throw at them, and cleanup is a breeze. Just grab a hose and blast all the mud, gunk and whatever else out the front door. Whether you are building a brand new cabin, or are expanding an existing one, make sure you use steel for your mudroom.

Hunting trail leading through a green forest as it passes through a wooden fence


Traditional wood cabins can take as long as 12 weeks to prepare and build, hunting season could be over by then! With steel building, not only are the materials are low cost and prefabricated, but ProBuilt has many distribution centers to quickly deliver and install around the country. In addition to free installation, if your site requires permits ProBuilt can assist in accelerating any necessary permitting for your building. Because these buildings require very little labor, you should be able to have a fully functioning steel building within six weeks.

These are just a few of the advantages of steel buildings. So if you are looking to complete your current cabin or if you want to start making your own traditions this hunting season, contact ProBuilt today to begin building the hunting cabin of your dreams.

Post written by Burton Hohman

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