Steel Building Construction vs. Typical Wood Frame Construction

by AmyM 25. January 2013 07:59

There has been much debate about the choice between steel building construction versus typical wood frame construction. Why should a consumer choose one over the other?

The most common questions that are asked:

What is the real cost difference?
How long is the usable life?
Is there a difference in insurance cost?
Is one safer than the other?

It’s important to understand the real differences between steel construction and wood frame construction in order to answer these questions.

For many years now steel has been very affordable for the consumer. It is very comparable, and sometimes even more affordable than wood construction. Steel buildings can be constructed much more quickly than wood frame buildings.
Also, remember, steel buildings do not warp, unlike wood. Steel has a very high tensile strength and does not dry out or rot. This will result in a very long and usable life for your steel building with much lower maintenance cost.
Steel is not a fire hazard. As such, steel constructed buildings typically have much lower insurance costs.
Steel buildings are resistant to pests such as termite, bees and other wood boring insects.
Steel building manufacturers also typically offer a longer warranty not available for wood frame constructed buildings.

All in all, considering the lower maintenance and insurance costs, as well as the up-front affordability of a steel building, steel construction is becoming a more frequent choice of building for consumers.

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