Helping Your Car Beat the Heat This Summer

by AmyM 11. July 2013 09:39

We’re getting into the hottest of the summer months, and it’s becoming almost dangerous to leave your car parked outdoors for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Aside from the heat you experience when you get inside a car that’s been outside all day, not to mention the pain that comes from sitting on leather seats, there are other problems that come with leaving a car exposed in the sun all day.

The first type of damage that the summer sun can cause your car is damage to your car’s paint and upholstery. Extended direct sunlight can cause your car’s paint, rubber, and the plastic trim to crack, peel, or fade after prolonged periods of exposure. The sunlight and heat left trapped inside your car can also cause the upholstery to fade, crack, or dry out, depending on the types of materials used on the interior of your car.  

But it’s not just the appearance of your car that can suffer from prolonged exposure to heat and sun. The high temperatures can cause the chemical operations in your battery to accelerate, making the internal fluids evaporate more quickly and shortening your battery’s lifespan. The prolonged heat can also cause cracks in your car’s hoses and belts, which can lead to radiator failure or engine overheating, neither of which are good to experience during the summer.

A final problem that comes with leaving your car exposed to the summer heat could mean the temperatures get so high plastic component inside your stereo and electric terminals might melt.

While we can’t prevent the sun from beating down all day, there is an easy way to prevent sun and heat-related damage from wreaking havoc on your car. The best way to prevent heat damage and keep your car cool this summer is to park it under a shady area, preferably in a garage or a carport if your home doesn’t feature a garage. We feature custom metal car and boat ports that can be built to any dimensions and with features such as enclosed sides, doors, and different roofing options. Our carports are delivered and installed two to six weeks after purchase and we also offer competitive financing options


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