Are Your Valuables Safe?

by JillJ 14. April 2014 09:49

Protecting your valuables is a priority for all homeowners. Protecting your home includes not only protecting the inside of your home but outside property as well. One key feature to ensure that you protect valuable content like garden machinery – lawn mower, water pumps, generator etc., is the material of your garden shed or storage shed. Steel building offer better protection from outside elements as well as criminal mischief.

Under Lock and Key

Criminals will do almost anything for money, and they’re becoming bolder and more brazen about it. According to an FBI 2012 crime report, victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.7 billion in property losses. Savvy thieves know they can find valuables in sheds and that a large percentage of shed owners do not have a secure lock on their shed giving criminals easy access into their storage unit. Wooden units are extremely easy to break into and vandalize. Mice notoriously dig and gnaw their way into the warmth of a wooden structure such as barns and sheds looking for somewhere warm and dry to hibernate over winter. Thieves can easily use the holes created by mice as a starting ground to break in.

Choose the Right Door

Most steel sheds come with some sort of door locking mechanism but if you intend to store valuable items look for doors with at least a three point, or better still, a five point locking mechanism as these are much harder to break into. Other high security features may include steel lock housings, reinforced doors and door surrounds, reinforced joints and steel floors.

Your steel shed can have sliding doors or regular hinged doors. Some larger units may also have garage style doors. Which style you choose is a matter of personal preference but make sure that the opening is wide enough for you to get larger items in and out easily to prevent damage. If you choose hinged doors you will have to allow enough clearance for the doors to open fully.

Up Against the Elements

Thieves and vandals aren’t the only risk to your valuables; you must also consider Mother Nature and the outside elements. Steel sheds are fire and termite proof with superior resistance to bugs, mildew, mold and fungal growth. Wooden sheds require more maintenance to protect valuables from outdoor elements. Homeowners with wooden sheds are advised to plant at least a meter away from the wooden shed wall to avoid the risk insect infestation and rot. Living in an area with high precipitation will weaken wood’s condition making them susceptible to rotting as well.

Post written by Jill Jones


How to Properly Store Your Classic Car

by RainF 8. April 2014 05:08

When you go to a car show and see all the awesome cars, you have to wonder how in the world the owners managed to keep them so clean. Love of their car is one part of it, but it can only go so far. Knowledge and preparation are essential to keep any car running like it just came off the showroom floor.


Owners usually keep their cars in garages or storage units to protect them from the damaging sun, rain or snow; depending on where they live. Garages are a must have for classic cars and it gives the owners a space to tune the car up and prepare it for long storage. If you have to store your car without a garage, we recommend using a car cover that will keep the car clean. Choose one that will let moisture escape so it won’t cause rust or mold from growing in the interior.

Before you cover your classic car or place it in a garage for storage you need to do a few things so it will survive the long dormant state. ProBuilt Steel Buildings has created a checklist of items you need to check on your car before you store it.

Oil Change

You’ll want to drain out any oil from the engine and replace the oil filter. This will prevent the oil in the engine from going bad or causing damage to the engine since it’s not being run. It’s best to use oil that has zero additives or is formulated for long-term storage to keep everything inside the engine lubricated and in running order. 

Oil Change

Depending on your car, it’s best to talk to your mechanic for the specific oil blend you’ll need.

Clean/Wax Car

Remove any dirt and dust from the car. Applying a wax will provide a protective layer for your car’s paint.

Waxing Car

Fill Gas Tank with Highest Grade Fuel

Gasoline evaporates over the course of time because it’s a volatile chemical. With that evaporation, you’ll have water in the gas tank from the condensation inside the tank. While this is common for most cars to have, extended storage doesn’t give you the opportunity to keep the fuel running and burn off the excess water that gradually comes in.

It’s best to fill the tank to the top with the highest grade fuel; usually it’s called “premium” or “Super” at your local gas station. Once you’ve done that, you should add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from degrading over the storage time.

Check Fluid Levels

You should check the following four fluids in your car and top them off if they are low:

  • Coolant – you should make sure this is topped off and it should be a mixture of water and antifreeze. A 70/30 ratio of water to antifreeze is ideal for most cars.
  • Transmission Fluid – this is essentially similar to engine oil, however, it is part of a close system that doesn’t deal with combustion contaminants. Usually, you won’t have to change out the transmission fluid unless it’s been a long time since it was last changed (around 60,000 miles)
  • Brake Fluid – It’s best to drain the current fluid and add fresh brake fluid into the car.
  • Steering Fluid – Keep this topped off.

Disconnect Battery

Disconnect the battery from the car and clean off the housing unit with a battery acid neutralizer, typically a mixture of baking soda and water. Do the same thing with the battery terminals and clean them with the battery acid neutralizer. Once clean, place the battery in a cool, dry place and attach a battery maintenance device to keep the battery charged while stored.

Inflate Tires

It’s best to fill your tires 5 to 10 pounds higher than the recommended PSI since air will leak out of the tires while in storage. This will ensure that they won’t be flat or come off the wheel rim. Try to keep the tires in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Wiper Blades

Remove wiper blades from the car and store them in a safe place. This will ensure you won’t ruin the blade edge or leave damage on the windshield.

Seal Exhaust Pipe & Fresh Air Intake

Place a rag and tape on the end of the exhaust pipe. This will keep any rodents from crawling inside and making a home for themselves

You’ll also want to cover vents and air intakes, which can be a home for rodents. In addition, adding moisture absorbers will help reduce mold and water in the car.

Place Car on Jack Stands

Raising the car and placing it on jack stands will help relieve a load of stress on the springs, shocks and tires while in storage. This also prevents tires from deteriorating or getting a flat spot.

This checklist should help keep your car running for years to come. 

Post written by Rainier Fuclan

Photo Credit: Jeffwilcox, Jin’s diary 87, DryHeatPanzer via Compfight cc


Things To Consider Before You Buy a Steel Building

by RainF 24. March 2014 04:45

A steel building addition to your home is a huge investment. Whether you’re using it for storage or a home business office, you should take some steps to ensure the building you’re purchasing is the right fit for you. Our sales team is always thinking about the customer and we will make sure your buying process is as easy and simple as it can be. For your benefit we documented the top items people should be aware of before they purchase a steel building:

Price & Affordability

Pricing is always in the minds of our customers and it should be in yours as well. It’s important to list out the features you are looking for in a steel building to ensure you’re buying exactly what you need. Each individual is different, which is why we offer custom building designs to fit your budget.


Most people looking to buy a steel building don’t typically have all the cash up front for purchase. Financing is a great way purchase the building you need and pay it off over time. If you’re worried about our steel buildings not lasting for a long time, you shouldn’t. We back our buildings with industry leading 40 year warranty. Steel is meant to last and our buildings will stand the test of time.

We offer affordable financing options to qualified individuals; we also work with numerous banks to ensure you get the lowest rates possible.

Ancillary Items

When people think about buying a steel building, they don’t think about the permitting required, installation/delivery and laws that are associated with buying a steel building. It’s important you make sure account for these items before you make a purchase. At ProBuilt Steel Buildings, we work with you to ensure those ancillary items are taken care of and your steel building is assembled quickly and pain free.

To illustrate our dedication to our customers we recorded one of our builds to show how quick and efficient we can get a building assembled:

This 30’ by 50’ building took just 5 days to build from the ground up. You can see the quality and skill of our staff on this build. It’s important to ensure if you’re purchasing a building that the workers are trained and know what they are doing. A great product can fall apart, if there’s unskilled labor building your project. These were the top concerns we identified you should question when you’re looking for a steel building. We hope these tips will help you on your next purchase.

Post written by Rainier Fuclan


Reminder to Renew Your Fishing Licenses

by RainF 17. March 2014 07:56

Don’t get caught without a fishing license! Many of our customers are fishing and hunting enthusiasts, we wanted to remind them that it’s time to renew their fishing licenses for the year. If you already have your license for the year, then you’re ready to get out there any catch some fish where ever you are! If you forgot, then we created a helpful interactive map that displays who and where you need to get a fishing license from throughout the 50 US States. Just click on the state you’re going to be fishing and it will bring you the information you need to get your fishing license for that state.

ProBuilt Steel Buildings - Interactive Fishing License Finder Map
Google Fusion Table created by Rainier Fuclan


Spring Cleaning For Your Storage Shed

by RainF 11. March 2014 04:09

Steel Storage Building
When People think of spring, they think of the snow melting, warmer weather and cleaning! Yes, that's right cleaning. It's the perfect opportunity to give your home a fresh feeling that only a good cleaning can accomplish. While your home is the main focus during spring cleaning, people often neglect their storage shed and garages. These buildings are part of your home too and they need some attention as well! A clean and organized storage shed or garage will make your life easier because you’ll be able to store and find things easier because it won’t be cluttered with all your junk. 

Take Everything Out

Messy Storage
If your garage or shed looks like the picture above, then you’ll want to clear it out in order to get everything cleaned and throw out unnecessary junk from your storage collection. Even if your storage shed isn’t a tornado disaster, we recommend you take everything out and evaluate if you really need that stack of old newspapers from five years ago.

Deep Clean

Deep Cleaning In Process Sign
You should have everything out of your shed, this gives you the best opportunity deep clean your storage building. It’s best to sweep up any dirt or debris on the floor first as a good starting point for your deep clean. Next, you should clean any windows, if any and wipe off the dust on shelving in shed. At this point, having a power washer would be nice to use on the floors and exterior of the building to remove hard stains. Be careful to check if your building can take the force of the power washer. The last thing you want is to blast holes right through your floor. Once your building is scrubbed or power washed, make sure you let it air dry completely to prevent growth of dangerous mold. We recommend you have a fan run inside your building or place a moisture collection bag to speed up the drying process.

Organize Items

Organized Tools
With a clean storage shed, you’re ready to organize all the items you took out in a manageable and orderly fashion. Some people might say why bother organizing items in your storage shed. Well if Tetris has taught us anything, you get more space from an area that is organized; instead of throwing it all into your shed and closing the door.

We recommend buying shelving and labels so it’s easy to store, find and use all the space of your shed. Hanging garden tools on the wall; such as rakes, shovels and hoses will make it easy for you to access and find those tools. It’s best to organize your smaller items first and section off an area that will be easy for you to access big items, like a lawn mower or wheelbarrow.

We hope these cleaning tips will help you keep you organized for the rest of the year!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan
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Gardening Supplies You Need For Your Home Garden

by RainF 6. March 2014 09:35

The winter weather is breaking and the sun is starting to shine. As the temperature starts to warm up people with green thumbs are planning out their garden for the year. Spring is the best time to get your garden projects kicked off because it will prepare your garden to yield different kinds of plants and vegetables year round.

In order to get your garden prepared, you’ll need to gather necessary garden supplies. The team at ProBuilt Steel Buildings has a few weekend gardeners and they want to provide you with a checklist on the tools you’ll need to get gardening!

Digging Fork
Digging Fork

Digging forks are used to turn soil over to mix nutrients and aerate the soil for gardening. Having nutrient rich and aerated soil is important to give your plants the food it needs to grow. The digging fork is typically called a pitchfork by most people who give a quick look at the tool. But it is an important asset for your gardening tool shed.

Digging Spade/Shovel

This tool is used for breaking apart the soil in your garden to prepare it for seeds and plants. This is usually used in conjunction with the digging fork to prepare the soil for planting. This tool has different shapes but the most common is a broad flat blade shape with a sharp lower edge and an upper edge to place your foot on top to provide leverage to break up the soil.


The trowel is a gardening hand tool, which is great for digging small holes for planting or taking weeds out of the ground. Ideally, you’ll use the trowel for gardening in small and medium pots, raising garden beds or transplanting plants. There are three styles of trowels you’ll come across as you beginning gardening:

  • All-purpose trowels have a 3 to 4 inch-wide blade and they look like handheld shovels.

  • Transplanting trowels are narrower in width, usually around 2 to 3 inches and have measurement markings to help remove and plant seeds or bulbs at the desired depth.

  • Crevice trowels are the narrowest blade among the three trowels and they are used when planting in rock gardens.


The garden hoe is one of the most versatile tools you can own. Primarily, it’s used to move small amounts of soil to prevent weeds from growing. The hoe can be used to pile soil around plants to give them a good growing foundation, create drills and trenches for planting seeds and bulbs for a large garden and it’s a great tool to harvest root crops like potatoes or carrots.


The garden rake is the outdoor broom for all intents and purposes. It is a tooth like bar fixed on a handle, shown above.  Typically, people will collect loose leaves, grass or rocks from the soil before you start planting your seeds. While cleaning up the garden, the secondary purpose of the rake is to level the ground for gardening.  It’s important to have a level garden so your plants can grow at the same rate with consistency.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are scissors for plants. They can cut and trim hard stems or small branches from trees. If your garden is more for presentation to improve the look of your home, we recommend you have a pair of pruners to keep your garden’s growth management in check. In addition, you should keep your pruning shears sharp so they will cleanly cut with every use. To sharpen your pruning shears you should use a fine tooth file and run the file against the blade along the edge.


The wheelbarrow is a tool that has been around since the wheel was practically invented. Used as a one wheel small hand cart, its function was to carry heavy loads or items from one area to the next in an easy way. Having a wheelbarrow for your garden will save you a lot of time when you’re transporting soil and plants to your garden bed.


You might not know this now, but the most used tool in the garden is your hands! Gardening can be tough on your hands and you want to make sure they’re protected. There’s a variety of gloves to choose from and each has their best uses, HGTV wrote a great guide on garden gloves that can help you figure out which one is best for you.

Garden Hose/Watering Can
Watering Plants

Water and sunlight are important for plants to grow to maturity. If you have an outdoor garden, then they should be receiving as much sun as they can get; but you should schedule a regular time to water your plants so they don’t dry out! Having a garden hose or watering can will help keep your plants growing and healthy. You want to make sure you have a garden hose or watering can that provides enough water for each of your plants but doesn’t damage them while watering them.

Soil Barrel
Soil Barrel

You’ve just purchased soil and fertilizer from the garden store but now how are you supposed to mix the two items together before you start setting your garden? We recommend getting a barrel that will be the holding chamber for mixing soils and fertilizers for your garden. This will give you the ability to control and make sure that all the nutrients are thoroughly mixed before you plant your garden. The size of the barrel will be dependent on how much soil you want to mix, but rule of thumb would be to have a 5 gallon barrel and increase the size based on your garden.

These are the tools you’ll need to have a successful home garden. Most people find that there’s more tools needed in gardening than initially expected. They don’t know where to put all these tools and are afraid to leave them out on the side of their house. If you’re serious about gardening, we would recommend you invest in a small steel building for your tools to keep them safe and secure. If you need any help finding a building, you can use our get a quote to find the right one for you.

Post written by Rainier Fuclan
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5 Ways to Improve Your Home with your Tax Return

by RainF 24. February 2014 04:28

What would you do with an extra $3,000? That is the average tax return of a typical family household. With that amount of cash most families use it for a nice vacation or buy a big TV for the family room. However, to get the most out of your tax return we suggest investing that money into your home. Considering your home is the biggest piece of equity most families have, improving it and increasing its value is one of the best investments you can enjoy. The folks at ProBuilt Steel have five home improvement investments you can use your tax return on.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy usage is expected to increase every year, this is based on society’s dependence on technology and electricity to function with our day to day activities. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that in 2012, the average annual electricity consumption for U.S. residential customers was 903 kWh per month. Based on the average pricing of electricity cost in the U.S. shown below, that’s an average of $110 per month for 2012 and it’s shown to be increasing over time.

EIA 2012 Average Annual Electricity Consumption

To decrease your monthly electricity bill and gain potential energy saving tax credits, we recommend updating your home appliances to energy saving ones. These can be one or all of the following:

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Electric Oven

The benefits of these items will be seen over time as your energy bill will decrease over time.

Fix Roof & Clean Gutters

Most home owners don’t take the time to inspect their roof for damage or problems. This is something that should be done at least once a year to prevent a major disaster in the home. Using your tax return to have a trained professional inspect and repair any damage they find on your roof will ensure your home will be around to withstand any force Mother Nature has in mind. In addition, it’s great to have someone clean and repair any broken gutters you might have. These are important for carrying water away from the roof of your home and if there’s nowhere to take the water it will just pool up on your roof.

Add a Garage or Storage Space

Over the years people will accumulate a lot of items. This is fine, but there comes a point when it starts to become clutter in the home. One solution we suggest is to add a steel garage or small steel shed. These structures are built to last for years without damage and are a simple addition to any home. Having extra storage space for a home can add more value to the home and enhance its appeal to prospective buyers, if you’re selling in the near future. Homeowners can also use this extra structure to store their recreational vehicles or classic cars if they have any. This will keep those items safe and secure from any damage or mishaps.

Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your home inside or out will instantly improve the look and curb appeal of your home. This is probably the easiest of all the tips we will list. Why does this help improve value? Because, it gives your home a clean and modern look. We recommend you stick to neutral colors that complement the décor of your home to make it appeal to a greater audience. Hiring professional painters will ensure the job will be clean and done right.

Fix or Replace Old Doors & Windows

Old doors and windows in your home can be eating away at your wallet. It’s estimated that around one-third of your home’s total heat loss is attributed to cracks and opening around your old doors and windows during the winter time. In addition, these cracks and openings can be adding unnecessary heat in the home during the summer time. We recommend you seal and insulate those openings, if you can to be the most cost effective option. If you find your doors and windows are too old or damaged to mend. We recommend you purchase Energy Star rated windows or doors with your tax return. This is because most Energy Star rated windows and doors benefit from a tax credit you can claim for next year’s taxes. In a sense you’re double dipping with your investment and making the most out of it. This improvement won’t only save you money from lower energy costs, but it will improve the curb appeal of your home and provide you with a potentially bigger tax refund next year.

These are our top home improvement investments to spend your tax refund on. You won’t only add value to your home, but it will also improve the look and feel the house as well. Whatever you decide to do with your tax return, think about how you can invest it improve you or your family’s future. 

Post written by Rainier Fuclan


Who Are The Four Presidents of Mount Rushmore?

by RainF 17. February 2014 04:18

Mount Rushmore
Photo Credit: jimbowen0306 via Compfight cc

Presidents Day is a day to honor the office of Presidency. The photo shown above is of the majestic Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota. The four presidents chosen to be immortalized in granite are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. These four U.S. Presidents capture the greatness of America at a time of its infancy and rapid expansion. Without their leadership we might have seen a different America.

At ProBuilt Steel Buildings, we would like to recognize these four great individuals for their achievements and showcase their unique hobbies or traits.

George Washington
George WashingtonWashington led the American colonist during the time of the American Revolution, which we were fighting the British for independence. He later became the first president of the newly independent country which we call America. These were all great feats, but Washington wished for a more peaceful life of farming and hunting, as these were his two favorite hobbies mentioned by scholars. However, Washington stepped up and led the American Revolution to gain freedom and rights for all of the citizens.

His role in the independence of America and the founding of the democratic government system in America gives him the rightful spot on Mount Rushmore.

Thomas Jefferson 

Thomas JeffersonJefferson is the 3rd President of the United States and he was the main author of the Declaration of Independence. His role in drafting the Declaration of Independence was instrumental in denouncing Britain and having the original thirteen colonies become an independent nation. When he became President his biggest contribution was purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, which was known as the Louisiana Purchase. This deal essentially doubled the size of America at the time and remove France’s presence near the nation. This purchase also helped protect the trade routes we had in New Orleans and across the Mississippi River.

In addition from being a writer and brilliant leader, Jefferson was a noted architect and inventor. The style called Neo-Palladian became popularized in the states based on Jefferson’s interest in that architecture form. His love of architecture can be seen from his estate in Charlottesville, Virginia called Monticello.

We wonder what Jefferson would feel about using steel buildings in his Neo-Palladian designs; we think it might have been a good touch and add strength to his designs.

Jefferson’s passionate interests and brilliant leadership carved him a rightful spot on Mount Rushmore.

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt 
Theodore (Teddy) RooseveltRoosevelt was America’s 26th president and during his leadership helped expand the economy of the nation at the turn of the 20th century. His most notable accomplishments was the creation of the Panama Canal that linked the East and West for a more efficient trade route and his role in helping break up monopolies of major corporations and see the rights of the working class be brought up.

In addition, his most famous slogan was “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” which was used to show off America’s advance naval fleet at the time and to curve threats of war. Accomplished during his time as President, you probably would never have thought he could be President if you met him as a child.

As a child Teddy was a weak and sick boy who had a hard time growing up. In order to overcome his shortcomings Teddy spent his time training and trying to improve his health through exercise and activity. He also understood the importance of exercising his mind and he spent the remaining free time he had diving in to books and learning. This was very beneficial for him as it improved his health and made him a more educated individual, both needed to be a great leader.

Teddy’s role on America’s economic expansion and political policies secured his spot among the great leaders on Mount Rushmore.

Abraham Lincoln 
Abe LincolnLincoln is our nation’s 16th President and has probably undergone the most troubling time as President of America. This is because he tried to keep a nation together while in the debate about abolishing slavery. This ultimately led to the American Civil War, which was fought between the North and South. The key component of that war was the South wanted slavery and the North wanted to abolish slavery throughout the nation. Lincoln’s leadership throughout this war and his Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves makes him one of the most popular Presidents in America.

As a man of great power you would think his hobbies would be hunting or riding, but actually Lincoln enjoyed reading Shakespeare and attending the theater.

These four Presidents portrait the greatest leaders this nation has had. While it’s unlikely we’ll be adding more faces to Mount Rushmore, we want to know who your favorite President is and why. Leave a short comment below!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan


Valentine Ideas For The Ron Swanson In Your Life

by RainF 10. February 2014 04:08

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and for the most part it’s really centered on the ladies. With so many Hallmark commercials and advertisements pushing chocolate and flowers to your significant other there really isn’t that much of a focus on gifts or ideas for the man in your life. Especially ones who are the man’s man type, such as our friend Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation. He is portrayed as the type of man who loves red meat, whiskey and a DIY-er in life. This character is a great persona to base what type of Valentine’s Day gift or gesture you can give to the man in your life.

Fishing Trip

Fishing oldest past-times men enjoy. For many it sparks the hunter-gather instinct within and fishing for dinner or sport satisfies that hunger. However, it also can bring memories of bonding time with grandpa and dad. Whatever the reason, fishing is the stereotypical pastime for guys.

Some Valentine’s Day fishing ideas would be to buy him a new fishing pole or send him on a fun weekend fishing trip with the guys. Another idea would be to get him a little fishing shack at home so he can store all his fishing gear and equipment when he’s home, as well as do all the cleaning and preparation of the fish, if he had some luck on the lake. A great fishing shack could be a small steel building that’s extremely easy to clean with just a power washer to hose it down.

Cook an Amazing Steak Dinner

Men are pretty simple to make happy. A home cook steak dinner with his favorite sides will make him fall in love with you all over again. A lot of men associate steak as the Holy Grail of meals at home and to make a proper steak at home is extremely simple. Below is a great video detailing how to make the perfect home cooked steak:

New Tech Gadgets

The CES Convention just ended recently and there were a ton of great tech gadgets and toys that would be perfect for any tech loving guy. If home gadgets and automation is something he loves, then you should take a look at our previous blog post highlighting our favorite gadgets from the show. Men and their love of toys won’t go away, so just embrace it and give them something they would really love.

These were the top three ideas our staff came up with, but we’d like to hear your thoughts. If you have a great Valentine’s Day idea for guys, then comment below!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan


How's Your New Year's Resolutions Holding Up?

by RainF 4. February 2014 04:04

So it’s been just over a month since many of us planned out our New Year’s resolutions. So how many of you have started to work on those resolutions? For many of us, we have probably forgotten or stopped working towards some of those resolutions after the first couple of weeks since the first of January. Well, this is a reminder to get jump started again on those resolutions. We listed a few popular resolutions you should keep working on to feel accomplished at the end of the year.


We all know exercise is good for you and it helps with weight-loss, which is another resolution that is common with everyone. By the time February rolls around, more than half of the people who signed up for gym memberships have either stopped going or canceled. This is because we get back in the old normal routine, which we see that time at the gym cutting into your time. What we suggest is to incorporate exercise in your day to day activities, such as:

  • Walking or biking to work, if possible. If not, consider parking further from your office and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Standing more vs. sitting, you naturally burn more calories standing than sitting.
  • Be more active instead of stationary when you’re not doing anything. This can be walking while talking on the phone or going for a nice walk, if you have nothing going on.
  • Set up a small home gym, if commuting to a gym is a hassle.

Biking To Work 

Adding these few tips can help you become healthier at the end of the year.

Home Improvement/Saving Money

You know your home can use a few fixes and additions to make it really shine for the New Year. But many of those ideas are loss once the New Year begins. Home improvement is a great resolution to have because it makes your home better for you to live in and it helps raise the property value of the home. We feel the best home improvement ideas for your home are making it energy efficient and increase storage solutions.

Energy efficiency is great because you save money in the long run and you can get tax deductions depending on what you do to your home. The thing that holds most people up is the big upfront cost of implementing energy efficient elements in the home. People think they need to install a new energy star air conditioning unit or remodel their kitchen with energy efficient appliances, but any home owner can be energy efficient on a budget. Chalking open seals in windows to reduce outside drafts or replacing all the light bulbs with energy efficient CFL bulbs or LED bulbs. These two things are budget friendly solutions to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your yearly energy bill.

CFL BulbIncreasing storage is a great home improvement idea to have in your mind. It gives you an area to store your extra things to keep your home less cluttered and if it’s a nice addition to the home, such as a shed or small steel storage building; it can increase your property value. Don’t get too worried about the pricing as there’s a lot of options for you work with, such as financing or finding the right price for the size building you need. If you think you’re going to be getting a large tax refund, consider investing that money towards a storage building for your home. Check out our interactive map showing average tax returns by state and see how much you might receive.

 Steel Storage Garage


Finally, travel is one of those New Year’s resolutions everyone has on their list. If you feel like you might not be able to travel the world this year, don’t worry about it. Instead, try to find adventure near you. Many are surprised to find fun unique things around them that they would never have found if they didn’t take a chance and travel out there. Don’t limit “travel” to just big tourist type places everyone talks about such as New York, Paris, London or France. Great things might be just a few hours’ drive away.

Road Trip Traveling 

You have 11 more months to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. You have plenty of time to check them off your list; just don’t forget to do them!

Post written by Rainier Fuclan

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