5 RV Mods You Would Be Crazy Not To Install!

by RainF 8. July 2014 06:35

While traveling the great open road, there is a guaranteed problem that will come up with your RV. It could range from the A/C unit doesn’t start or the flooring in your RV is starting to look like there was an earthquake and it needs to be patched up.

Some of us at ProBuilt Steel have experienced these heartaches; instead of taking our RVs back to the dealership to fix. We decided there was a cheaper and fun way to upgrade our motorhomes. Given that most of us have a RV cover to work under, no matter what weather or time of day it is. It made tinkering away easy!

Updated RV Interior

Here’s a list of our favorite mods, most of us followed guides at ModMyRV.com:

  1. Replacing interior lights with LEDs – This is our favorite mod because it gives you the flexibility to add different color LEDs to add mood lighting in the RV. But the best benefit of having LEDs lighting is the amount of power you’ll be saving on your batteries. Since LEDs are cool to the touch, you’ll have less heat generated within the RV, which reduces the work load on the A/C units. In addition, LED’s last at least 3 times the expected lifespan of the standard CFL bulbs.

  2. Installing a digital thermostat – Depending on the age of your RV and type, you probably have an analog slider thermostat to control the A/C and heater in the unit. While the analog sliders work, they don’t have the accuracy that digital thermostats provide. There have been times where the temperature is off by 5 degrees and that becomes an annoyance when your whole family is complaining that it’s too hot or cold. This is a quick mod that will help save your fuel, battery power and money in the overall life of your RV.

  3. Upgrade your floors – Laminate hardwood floors have become more affordable than ever and with a variety of options to choose from you can give your RV a nice visual and functional makeover. Laminate floors are great because the ease of clean up when they get dirty and the look of it when installed correctly.

  4. Fishing pole holder – This is a favorite for our fellow fishermen. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone fishing and our fishing poles are everywhere in the closet because they weren’t secured. We found a quick mod that lets you snap the handle of the rod on the wall and keep it in place while driving.

  5. Motion Sensor Light – Installing a motion sensor light on the outside of your RV is an extremely helpful security deterrent when you’re parked in a questionable RV park. It’s also a helpful light source that stays on when you and your family are outside of the RV grilling food or playing games.

These are our favorite mods; maybe you have suggestions or ideas on great RV mods. Comment below and share them with everyone!

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Prepping Your RV for the Open Road

by RainF 24. June 2014 06:51

Each year, more than 30 million Americans will travel by RV, and 1.3 million of them live in their recreational vehicle full time. The average RV owner will drive 4,500 miles each year, giving drivers lots of time to connect with the open road. Due to the fall and winter months, most RVs have been left idle for the time being, but with the summer months upon us, RV owners around the country will be anxious to break them out of their RV Covers or carports and on the road again!

If you think you might be taking your RV out for a trip in the near future, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prep it for first use this year.

Basic, Yet Essential, Maintenance

The first thing you’ll need to focus on is automotive maintenance. Make sure your fuses and battery are working properly and that all your fluids have been topped off. Replace old filters and sparkplugs with new ones. Next, check your tires and make sure the pressure is ideal and that your lug nuts are on securely. If it’s been a while, have your tires rotated so they will wear evenly. You should also take your RV in to check the suspension, brakes, alignment, and engine so you can hit the road without worrying.

If you winterized your RV, flush out the antifreeze from your water system and sanitize and inspect your system. To sanitize your water system, add 1 cup of bleach to a gallon of water and pour it into the empty tank. Fill the tank and run all your faucets until you can smell the bleach mixture. Let the water system set for 24 hours, then refill it with fresh water. You’ll need to run the new water mixture through the system again to ensure that the bleach mixture has been pushed out completely (there should no longer be a bleach smell). This may take a couple of tanks to eliminate the bleach smell completely.

RV Maintenance

Prepping the Exterior

After you ensure that the heart and soul of your RV is set to run as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to inspect your RV’s body to check for any holes from critters that might have tried to stow away during the winter months. Also make sure that the roof of your RV doesn’t have holes or damage from cold weather or branches that might have fallen on it. You’ll also want to wash and wax the RV so it shines as you coast down the highway.

Ready the Interior

After you’ve done your interior and exterior maintenance, climb aboard your RV and check that all your appliances are running properly. You’ll also want to clean up and air out the interior of the RV so you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience while cruising down the road. If your stove features a propane tank, make sure you check for any leaks in the lines or in the tank, and ensure you have enough gas to make it through your trip.

Be sure to stock an emergency kit on board, which should feature a basic first aid kit and other emergency items, including a flashlight; extra oil and fluids; a spare tire; and your RV insurance and registration information.

Once you’ve completed this checklist, all you’ll need to do is pick a destination and pack a bag before you hit the open road!

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Why a Steel Building is a Great Father's Day Gift

by RainF 13. June 2014 05:05

Father’s Day is next week! Have you thought about getting your dad a gift that will really “wow” him and be used on a regular basis? We’re not talking about gifting him socks, ties or cufflinks. We’re thinking something a bit bigger, something along the lines of a steel garage or steel storage building. While this might raise some skepticism, let us explain how a simple steel building can be one of the best father’s day gifts you can get.
PBS Steel GarageRoom for His Toys

If your dad has a special car or boat that he just loves, but has no area or cover to store it a home. Then, a steel building will be able to provide protection from the harsh elements of Mother Nature and give him peace of mind that his beloved toys are secured under a building that can take some punishment and out of the eyes of unwanted vandals. In addition, this space will give him a special place to fix or tinker with his toys without bothering the rest of the family. If you know your dad likes to work on his toys, you can set up the steel building to have all his tools set up on the wall so it’s like his special workshop.
Fixing Hot Rod in Private GarageMovie Fanatic

If your dad loves the movie experience, then why don’t you give it to him at home! You can convert a small steel building into a home theater powerhouse. While it may take a few weeks to set it up, the end result will amaze him. You’ll want to make sure you insulate the room so the temperature doesn’t get too hot or cold depending on the season. In addition, it will also help reduce the movie theater sound from escaping beyond your building and bothering the neighbors.

Once that’s set up add a few large movie theater chairs, a big flat screen TV or projector and sound system. If you want to give him a true movie theater experience; creating a snack bar complete with a popcorn machine and mini fridge with soda will have him smiling from ear to ear.
Private Home Theater RoomGame Room

If your dad enjoys relaxing by playing video games or have fun playing bar games such as darts, billiards or foosball. He will enjoy having a steel building housing all of his favorite games and better he doesn’t have to leave home to enjoy them! Setting up a game room should focus on one to two games so there’s room for your dad to enjoy them! You can think of this as a variation of the home movie theater when setting up the TV and sound system, but move your emphasis on the games ones those items are set up.
Game Time With DadThese three steel building transformations involve more work on your part; however, it will be a Father’s Day gift to remember! Have more room ideas? Comment below and share your thoughts. 

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How to Prepare for a Car Show

by RainF 9. June 2014 04:44

Many of us in the office are huge car fanatics, from classics to the latest and greatest. We can’t get enough of them and we’re always interested in seeing other people’s cars and how they set them up. Most of us are eager to take our cars out of the garage and show them off with other enthusiasts. Car shows are the best opportunity to meet these drivers and see why they did, what they did to their cars.

Before we head to a car show we always want to prepare our cars for show. Much of the preparation can be taken care of beforehand if you’ve done some pre-prep work. The only major things you’ll want to do before you’re at the show is to make the car look as best as it can. You don’t want to show up to a show looking like this car:

Dirty Subaru WRX

Instead, your car should look like this:

Clean NA MX-5 White

To achieve this showroom ready polish you’ll need to detail your car, below we list a quick guide on what you should clean and polish:

Don’t Neglect the Interior

The interior of the car is just as important as the outside look of the car. You’ll want to start by vacuuming the carpet and upholstery, ensure you grab all the random dust and dirt that accumulates in the corners and under the seats. Once you’ve vacuumed your car you should move your attention to your windows. Windex or car glass cleaner work wonders on making your glass be streak-free and be crystal clear. After that you’ll want to wipe down your dash and the rest of your interior items then apply a quick coat of oil soap on those items to help preserve and make them look lustrous.

Washing the Car

Once your interior has been detailed, you just have to clean up the outside of your car to be showroom ready! For this step you’ll need a few items for each process:

Car Wash Items:

  • Car soap
  • Wheel soap
  • Three buckets
  • Access to a water hose
  • Two wash mitten
  • Wheel Brush
  • Microfiber drying towel
  • Tire Shine (water based is preferred)

Take the three buckets and fill one with wheel soap, the other with car soap and the last one with clean water. Fill the soap buckets with the appropriate amount of water as directed on the product’s directions. When you start you’ll want to clean the wheels of your car first, do one wheel at a time from start to finish. This will be pre-rinse, brushing the dirt off with the brush and soap, wiping the wheel with one of the wash mittens with soap and rinsing everything off. It’s important to keep the wheel wash mitten for only the wheels.

Once your wheels have been cleaned, you can start pre-rinsing your car and adding soap to breakdown any dirt or unwanted material on your car. Once the soap has started to breakdown the dirt you can take the other clean wash mitten and start working the soap off the car by spraying water into the mitten as you run it on the car.

When the wash mitten is starting to get saturated with dirt, rinse off the mitten in the clean water bucket to release any dirt it has grabbed. Excess dirt on the mitten can leave micro scratches on the car while you’re working the soap off the car. Once you’ve wiped the car down with the mitten all the dirt should be off the car. This is where you should give your car a final rinse with your hose, making sure all the soap is off the car.

Use the microfiber towel to dry the car and keep streaks off the paint. Once you’ve dried your car add a quick coat of tire shine to the wheels to make your car standout.

Clay Bar and Waxing

This step is what separates a clean car from a showroom ready car. Clay bars clean below the surface of the paint and remove any hard to remove contaminants that a normal car wash can’t. It’s a great thing to do to your car, but it is very time intensive. Clay bars were typically only found in professional car wash shops and dealerships. Now they are readily available for purchase thanks to the internet and car enthusiast around the world.

Claying your car should happen right after you’ve washed and dried your car. This will give the best opportunity to attract all the contaminants under your clear coat.  With your clay kit take a small amount of clay and create a small disk shape about an inch in diameter. Spray clay lubricant on the surface you’re going to rub the clay on. You should only clay small sections of the car at a time or else the lubricant will dry out too fast.

Slide the clay disk back and forth over the lubricated area gently, if clay starts to stick to the car add more lubricant while sliding the clay. Fold the dirty clay surface over and knead till a clean clay surface is formed again. Once you’ve finished claying your area, you should wipe off the excess lubricant with a clean microfiber towel. Repeat this process till the whole car has been clayed.

Once the whole car is clayed, it should look smooth and clean the first day it rolled off the factory. Add a coat of wax on the car to provide a protective layer and ensure the paint will stay pristine.

After all that your car should be ready to wow everyone at the next car show. It prolong your hard work you should always have your car garage kept or at the very list protected under a carport. This will help keep dirt and other debris off your car.

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Sun Damage - The Bane of Summer

by RainF 30. May 2014 10:09

Summer is a great time to run around outside with that warm life giving sun shining down on us. As your day progresses, that soothing sun will start to feel more like an unpleasant fireball beating down on you. Most of us tend to hide for shelter inside our homes to escape the sun’s rays. Fortunate for us, but our vehicles tend to get neglected and take the harmful sun’s rays like champions. If your vehicles have constant exposure to the sun on a daily basis, this will lead to sun damage on your car’s exterior. The best way to avoid sun damage on your vehicle is to keep it out of the sun. We recommend a steel carport or steel garage to keep your vehicle’s exterior nice and healthy.

Classic Car - Perfect Condition

If getting a carport or garage is not an option for you, then there are other steps you can do to help prevent sun damage on your vehicle.

Washing and waxing your car will help prolong the effects of sun damage on your vehicle. Washing will help remove any grime and dirt from the exterior of your car, which will help stop those foreign objects from eating away at the paint. With a clean exterior you can now apply wax which will provide a shine and protective layer to reflect the damaging sun’s rays.

Washing and waxing are preventative measures to help maintain your vehicle’s exterior, however it’s not going to make your car immune to sun damage forever. Below are additional tips on how to protect your car from the summer weather:

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The 5 Best Scenic Drives In The US This Summer

by RainF 23. May 2014 07:07

Summer is the time to get out of the house and feel refreshed from the warm sun and amazing beach weather! For a few folks, this weather is the perfect opportunity to take the RV out of its slumber and back on the road away from its carport home. Seeing the country on the road is one of the main reasons why people purchased RVs and finding these scenic drives can be hard to scope out. Luckily for you we did all that research and have found the five best scenic roads to drive on this summer.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This amazing road is 469 miles of gorgeous mountain roads and national parks. Located between North Carolina and Virginia, it was originally built to connect the Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


This drive is considered by many to be one of the best drives during the summer months when the forests sprawling the mountains are in full color.

Lake Shore Drive

This road is located in the famous city of Chicago. Adjacent to Lake Michigan, this 26 mile road will give you beautiful views of the famous architecture unique to Chicago. From the Willis Tower to the unique building styles of world renowned architect, Mies van der Rohe along the 800 and 900 block of the road. Anyone with an appreciation for modern architecture and love for city life would enjoy checking out Lake Shore Drive.


Florida Keys Overseas Highway

Driving to the Florida Keys on the Overseas Highway is one road everyone should experience during their lifetime. The 127 mile highway was created to connect the Florida islands to the mainland. The view of crystal clear water, beaches and tropical life are best showcased off this bridge. You would be crazy not to stop and enjoy the beach on one of the many islands in the keys.


Classic Route 66

Recognized as one of the most famous roads in America, it is known as the “Mother Road” since it was one of the first highways created in the US. Many mom and pop business were created along this highway during the time the population from the eastern side of the US began to migrate to the west. Because of this, you can see the history of America while driving the 2,451 mile road from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA.  You’ll be amazed by the unique sights and family business that are still running today!


US Route 50

This road became famous when an article published in Life magazine gave Nevada’s US Route 50 the title of “Loneliest Road in America.” This was because during the 408 mile stretch of road, it was pure solitude and peaceful desert landscape. Many people have who have driven this route enjoy the feeling of being disconnected with world and embrace nature again. One thing we ask is you ensure your vehicle can survive the trek on this route as being stranded would be not a fun time.

Post Written by Rainier Fuclan


Green Items You Can Add to Any Property

by RainF 13. May 2014 04:49

So we’ve talked about how steel buildings are a smart choice for a building when you’re thinking about reducing your environmental impact. Water conservation, reducing energy consumption and reusable building materials all play into qualifications of a Green Building. We wanted to share a few ideas on how you can make your home and steel building addition more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Rainwater Collection System

Conserving and recycling rainwater for applications in the future is one of the core qualifications of being considered green. It falls under the utilization of resources and sustainability, collection of rainwater can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your building. The average roof can collect around 500-700 gallons of water for every inch of rainfall. That adds up to a considerable amount of water for your home!

Rain collection barrelsThe water from the collection systems can be used for gardening, laundry or even drinking (with the right water filter). Using what Mother Nature sends your way will help reduce your impact on the environment since you’re less dependent on piping water to your home from water utilities.

Adding a steel gutter to your home or steel building addition is the first step to collecting your rainwater. You’ll want to funnel the rainwater through a downspout at the end points of each gutter; from there the downspout should funnel your water into a clean water barrel. This green system is not too complicated to set up; our staff says a DIY-er can get it done during the course of a weekend. However, we suggest calling a professional to install this system to ensure it will function properly. We’ve included a helpful guide for DIY-ers who want to recreate this system – Rainwater Collection System.

Solar Panels

Modern solar panels and batteries are more efficient than ever, having the ability to power a household from the sun alone. This is great because solar power doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, unlike the turbine generated power plants that are connected to the grid. In addition, having your energy needs sustained through solar power, you can save thousands of dollars on your electric bill over the lifetime of your property and help reduce the load on the power grid.

Solar PanelsOne challenge that stops people from adopting solar is the upfront cost of installing it. Usually, the typical solar system install will cost in-between $30,000 to $50,000, if done professionally. While this price tag is a barrier for people, state and federal tax rebates are rewarded to people who install these systems. In most cases half of the cost is covered by the rebates and looking long-term for your property, the energy savings will more than cover the upfront cost and you’ll be less of a burden on the environment.

Interested in solar energy for your home? Read this complete guide to installing a solar panel system for your home.

Build With Sustainable Materials

Building with sustainable materials helps reduce the environmental impact you have for your property. There are numerous sustainable building materials in the market today; however, structural steel has been the leader in sustainable building materials. Since steel can be melted down and recycled over and over again, there is an 88% recycled content with each new steel material being produced in the US with a 98% rate of recycling for the steel. This is why steel is such a powerhouse in sustainability.

Steel can be molded to form any shape it needs to construct a building; this makes it extremely versatile for any building application. Homes and property additions built with steel will have the benefit of lasting a long time with little or no structural integrity loss over the life of your property. Since steel has the highest strength to weight ratios compared to other standard building materials.

ProBuilt Steel Buildings has more than a decade providing custom metal buildings for individuals and we’ve seen the benefits it has provided for all our customers. Check out our steel buildings and find one that is perfect for your home!

These green building items will help you become more sustainable and help leave more resources for future generations to come. Thinking forward will help us keep moving forward. 

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Home Additions to Surprise your Mom on Mother’s Day

by RainF 7. May 2014 09:08

Moms have a tough job of being the nurturing parent and working full-time for most households. Jumping from one role to another in a never ending cycle gets extremely tiring! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could surprise your mom with a fun and unique gift on Mother’s Day?

Since we specialize in creating custom steel buildings for our customers, our staff came up with some great uses for our buildings that any mother would love to have as a little get away from the home, even if it’s just in the backyard.

Meditation Room

Meditation rooms can serve multiple purposes from yoga, tea or Zen room. Whatever your mom’s style is the room needs to serve one purpose. Be a place where you can melt away your stresses and gain a tranquil state of peace.

There's a few key components you need to follow so you can make the best meditation room for mom:

  1. Keep the room simple and inviting.
    • A small table at the center of the room as a focal point, mats and pillows are important for comfort and keeping it simple.
  2. Add some soothing sound in the room.
    • This can be an iPod with a small speaker playing calming music or a small fountain with the ambient sound of the water can give you that soothing and calming nature sound.
  3. Fill the room with relaxing aromas.
    • The easiest way to achieve this is through scented candles. Not only do they fill the meditation room with a beautiful scent, but they provide a warm candle light ambience in the room.
  4. A personal touch to round out the room.
    • Find out what your mom likes or feels at peace with. Add those items in the meditation room so it will reflect her personality.

If you need some ideas to spark the build process, you can refer to Pinterest and see all the user’s boards like this one from jillfla or YouTube videos on creating a meditation room.

Art Studio

If your mother has an artistic mind, building a little art studio in the backyard would definitely bring a smile to her face. Art studios can vary depending on the style of art your mother likes to work with, but there’s some basics you need to make sure the room has before we get into the specifics:

  1. Insulation
    • This will ensure the studio won't be invaded by bugs or unwanted moisture that can ruin the art work.
  2. Ventilation
    • This is a must when working with any volatile painting supplies that can cause dizziness or make you feel faint.
    • An exhaust fan connected to an outside pipe to remove the fumes inside the studio as well as a few open windows will be sufficient to keep the studio air clean.
  3. Lighting
    • Lighting is just as important as the art supplies used.
    • If you're limited on sunlight, you should install a full spectrum bulb that will mimic natural sunlight. This will let the artist see colors and their work of art without any bias filters.

An art studio is a very special place for the artist and they should have some input while it’s being created. We suggest you have your mother involved with the build process, right after you tell her you’re giving her a backyard art studio.

Workout Space

Your mother is a health junkie and loves to workout, but can’t seem to do it as often as she would like. Then, a home gym would be a great Mother’s Day surprise. Depending on the type of workout she likes to do, typically having the basic gym equipment will be able to fulfill the criteria of getting the most out of a workout. 

We’ve listed a few items you’ll need to have in the workout space:

  1. The size of the building is adequate for the gym equipment that will be added.
    • You don't want an area that is too big to lose the workout momentum.
    • At the same time you don't want an area that's too cramped to move around freely.
  2. Flooring that is easy to walk on and can be cleaned up with no fuss.
    • Workout tiles or rubber floors.
  3. Essential gym equipment
    • Treadmill or elliptical for cardio
    • Freeweight dumbbells from 5 lbs to 25 lbs
    • Yoga mat
    • Pull-up bar
    • Jump rope
    • Step box
    • Mirror
    • Small bench/chair
  4. Air circulation and ventilation
    • Working out can make people hot and sweaty, it's best to install a fan in the workout space to circulate the air and help cool the room.
    • Adding a few windows or a ventilation port will help keep fresh air circulated through the room.

Modern mothers have a variety of interests; we would love to hear other ideas on ways to transform a steel building into a fun area for mom. We hope these ideas will spark something for you to get your mom, if you need us to create one of the buildings for you. Give us a call and we’ll create something special for you and your mom.


What Can Steel Do For You?

by RainF 28. April 2014 05:35

In today’s age, we as consumers have lots of choices on the type of building materials we can choose from. Wood, aluminum, concrete and steel are the building foundation of choice for many private and commercial buildings. Each one has there uses base on what the architect and engineers have designed, but we wanted to educate you on the properties of each material and illustrate why steel is the preferred material for long lasting and ecofriendly structures.






Warp resistant





Resists decay










Fast to Build















Disaster Resistant





Why else do you think 80% of all commercial buildings are made with steel as the foundation and frame for each structure. It’s affordable, strong and resilient to any disaster that might be inflicted on it. The other materials are good in their own right, but the benefit that steel possesses is a no brainer for anyone ready to build a structure.
Steel Building structure

Steel is a great building material, but what can you build with it? Most people have a perception that since steel is so strong and resistant to damage that it’s hard for it to be molded to a custom shape for a building or structure. That’s further from the truth; steel can be cast for special building shapes or bent to fit any building’s design. Below are some custom buildings ProBuilt Steel has created on their lot to show the versatility of steel: 
PBS Building Collage 1

These steel buildings can serve multiple purposes from being garages, carports, barns or even storage sheds in the backyard. Steel structures are a budget friendly alternative to the other materials and it can be used for almost any job.

In addition from being affordable, strong and fast to build with; steel is highly resistant to damage from Mother Nature. There are some areas in the country where the weather can take a toll on our buildings. Sun damage, high humidity, rain, snow and pests are some of the main culprits to building damage or decay. Steel can resist the damage of the sun’s rays with the right paint job; humidity, rain and snow don’t pose a threat to steel as our buildings are special coated to protect the life of the material. Finally, steel is inherently resistant to pests like termites. We all know that termites have caused major building damage across the country. With steel you won’t have to worry about that issue.

We hope you consider steel for your next building or home, there’s lots of benefits and it’s more customizable than you think. ProBuilt Steel Buildings would be more than happy to help you get something created!
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Why is Steel a Good Option for Going Green

by RainF 22. April 2014 04:13

Steel is a versatile and strong building material. It’s been used to build our tallest skyscrapers to being the tracks for our railroad system. Over the years, the process of creating steel has been refined and improved upon each time. It has been documented that it now takes 1/3 less energy to create 1 ton of steel. In addition, steel can be recycled time and time again without losing its strength.

ProBuilt Steel Buildings wants to share why having a steel building for your next shed or carport would be an environmentally sound investment.

Less Materials Used

When you compare a steel building with a wooden building you notice it can take a lot more materials to build the same type of structure with wood. This is because you have to add reinforcement areas to wooden structures that you normally wouldn’t with steel structures. Solar Power Steel CarportIn addition, much of the materials from wooden structures are not recyclable, while steel is 100 percent recyclable. This means you’ll be wasting less with a steel build vs. a wooden one.

Energy EfficientSteel wind energy farm

Steel is an excellent conductor of heat and cold. Depending on how you’re going to use your steel building you can let nature regulate the temperature of your structure. People have noticed up to 50% heating and cooling cost savings with their steel buildings.



Steel will last longer than any other standard building material you can think of. This means there’s going to be less fixes for your structures in the future and at the end, you can recycle all the steel to create something new! Longevity and 100 percent recyclable make steel the best sustainable building material out there.

We hope these facts about steel will help you consider it as a material of choice for your next building. As today is Earth Day, conservation and sustainability are important for keeping our planet healthy for future generations.

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Post Written by Rainier Fuclan


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